Rainbow Bridge

Communicating Consciously With Older Adults

We live long and we're not that fragile. Labelling us for special treatment is often condescending. Everybody has the right to safe pathways and adequate living spaces.


Familiar sounds reconnect us

Music engages pretty much the entire brain, and is one of the only things we know of to do so. — Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia.

Niagara Falls

"particles pounding through the neck of Time ..."

Cardy, Michael.et al.Voices from the Niagara. St.Catharines: Moonstone Press,1987 — Niagara Falls is a natural wonder created over millions of years.

young people

Generation Y and Z

Very tech savvy these young people will be caring for us baby boomers when we're 80+. I wonder what kind of video programs they'll have for us to play with.


A balanced life

More men and women over 70 are living alone. This is an opportunity to become aware of the present moment and experience inner stillness. —from Eckhart Tolle's work.

Latest works

sheet music

Collection of popular sheet music.

Started this around 2000 thanks to donors who wanted their music kept safe.


Niagara Falls Review article written by Jennifer Pellegrini

It must be over 15 years now since I began

A Guided Journey with Sound.

These sounds stimulate and help recall significant experiences.


Repertoire of Popular Songs

Some songs seem to have more appeal than others and often they are a surprise because they haven't been heard for a long time

wood interlocking blocks


These wood blocks were used in the 1930's and they are still a popular learning toy. Look for more memorabilia in "Portfolio."


Creativity Survey Report

Ever wondered just what is creativity or who are the most creative. These and other revealing findings were gleaned from a questionnaire which gathered responses from a community cross section of individuals.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

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mall walk

A New Neighbourhood

The process of resettling in a different neighbourhood is most likely confusing for humans as it is for robins. I'm happy to note that the last . . .

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Through a Dog's Eyes

A seeing eye dog can be a wonderful friend; especially for the blind. Ever wondered what it would be like to be in his or her shoes? (paws)

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Imagine what if ...?

Acceptance is a good thing to help us deal with painful realities but constantly focussing on the future takes us away from the joys of the present moment.

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